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To be successful a business often needs to change the way it operates, but this can also bring added risk.

We help you with the carve-out and creation of business operations and shared services, and work to minimise these risks.

Our restructuring expertise reaches from functional onshore operations to multi-functional offshored shared service centres.

Our areas of expertise

Business and functional structures

Business and operational governance

Business process and methodology

Programme and project management

Change and risk management

Operational development


We for example offer the following:

Strategic development

  • developing overall strategies
  • identifying competitors, defining portfolios and designing strategic solutions

Operational development

  • develop structures, interfaces, tools and automation options
  • designing shared service options and methodologies

Engagement, programme, project and change management

  • providing engagement, programme, project and change management leadership
  • designing and implementing effective processes and methodologies
  • running project management offices and strategic risk management