Business development

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We work to improve your sales effectiveness, develop new opportunities, and to improve and grow existing businesses.

Our business development expertise spans the entire sales cycle from market making to contract signing.

We have helped companies successfully sign contracts for information technology and business process services worth over six billion euros.

Our areas of expertise

Sales process and methodology

Opportunity and sales pipeline management

Engagement, programme and project management

Lead generation

Bid, tender, and proposal practices

Business structures and ventures


We for example offer the following:

Market analysis

  • analysing current needs and trends

Lead generation

  • creating channels to third party advisors, clients and suppliers
  • generate leads, prospects and opportunities

Strategic development

  • reviewing clients’ products, services and commercial models
  • identifying clients’ competitors
  • developing overall strategies, ideas and innovation
  • proposing new ideas for the shaping or structuring of solutions and/or commercials
  • defining complimentary and innovative portfolio combinations
  • identifying potential new complimentary products and/or services
  • identifying potential new external suppliers or partners
  • designing strategic solutions and commercial models
  • developing business structures
  • managing and developing key relationships

Venture management

  • designing and managing joint ventures, collaboration, partnerships and sponsorships
  • creating and managing brands and trademarks


  • designing and managing the turning of back office operations from a cost centre to a profit centre, generating new revenues
  • developing go to market plans and materials

Engagement, programme, project and change management

  • providing engagement, programme, project and change management leadership
  • designing and implementing effective processes and methodologies

Sales processes and methodologies

  • designing sales pipeline management and reporting processes
  • establishing sales qualification and decision gate methodologies
  • designing prospect and opportunity management methodologies
  • establishing win strategy and strategic risk management methodologies

Tenders, bids and proposals

  • providing management of tenders, bids and proposals
  • designing and implementing effective processes and methodologies
  • running project management offices and strategic risk management

Account management

  • developing account plans and strategies
  • developing stakeholder management and communication principles